Commercial aluminium companies in Sydney: 6 tips for picking your supplier

04 May 2020

Choosing a commercial aluminium supplier for your business is vital in ensuring that the quality and timing of your project is executed to everyone’s expectations. Depending on the circumstances, it can also determine when your business is able to deliver its products and services. Overall, your supplier determines your business’ future, sales and image.

Commercial aluminium window and door suppliers have a special responsibility towards their clients. In addition to being tasked with the expected responsibilities of a supplier, they have the added stress of being accountable for the appearance of the building. Aluminium windows and doors make up the cosmetic appearance of many commercial buildings and one issue can cost the entire profile. This is why it is important that the supplier you choose can work hand in hand with you.

Important qualities for commercial aluminium suppliers

  • Accountability – Accountability determines whether your supplier will run from their quality or supply issues, or take responsibility for it and address the issues at hand.

  • Communicative – When the appearance of your project is on the line, communication becomes the most important quality. Find a supplier who will listen to your needs and wants and execute accordingly. Communication stands between a good job and a great job.

  • Ethical – While this may not be the first quality on your mind, always remember that ethical practices can affect you as well. Choose to work with a supplier that adheres to all regulations and avoid issues for your business further down the road.

Looking for qualities in a supplier is vital but first, you need to narrow down your list. Here are some tips for picking your supplier.

Create your criteria

It is important to know exactly what you and your project or business needs from a supplier. Create a list of criteria that you think your supplier should be able to have or fulfil. This will help you narrow down your key requirements and prevent you from selecting a supplier who is incapable. Additionally, from a communication point of view, creating this list will allow you to clearly outline what you expect from the supplier. Think of them as deliverables.

Here’s a list of some of the criteria you should consider when choosing an aluminium window and door supplier.

  • Lead times from receipt to delivery of an order
  • Origin of product
  • Minimum and maximum quantities
  • Delivery fees
  • Payment terms and conditions
  • Return policy
  • Line of communication
  • Frame finish capabilities
  • Past projects

Talk to your prospective supplier about your criteria or do your own research. It’s a bit of leg work but, it will save you in the long run.

Match company cultures

Though culture fit is usually considered with regards to employees of a company, it should be considered when selecting a supplier. A supplier is part of your extended family and how you communicate and relate is extremely important in the execution of a product. For example, if a supplier’s company culture does not include detail-oriented staff then that could lead to issues with communication and execution. While problematic in general, this is especially so for aluminium window and door companies as specifications need to be followed and executed smoothly and accurately.

To get a better understanding of the company’s culture, speak with sales representatives, research online, look at their team page, read reviews and perhaps the most reliable, ask your business colleagues about them. If a company’s culture is suited to yours, then you’ll know.

Monitor your supplier

All suppliers can mess up. To ensure that you are consistently on the same page and to address concerns, set up performance reviews and regular meetings to speak about their services and issues. This will help you to monitor their work, address easily fixed problems and help them fulfil their part of the agreement. Sometimes, it may not be a fault of the supplier, but a communication or internal issue that ends up impacting them–monitoring helps bring these issues to light.

At A-Tech Australia, we strive to be the best commercial supplier for aluminium window and door. We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure that their dreams are brought to life.

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