Christmas is nearly here, which means window and door decorations need to be a sight to see!

17 Dec 2019

Christmas isn’t a season; it’s a feeling! We can feel the magic of Christmas kicking in which means it is time to give your home a facelift. Not only should you decorate your Christmas tree, but you should take the time do decorate your windows and doors, to feel the Christmas spirit.

Although you may have never thought about Christmas window and door decorations, it is a fantastic place to your spin on things and makes your Christmas decor stand out. It turns out that there are many options for Christmas window decor that you probably didn’t know existed. We have put together some Christmas window and door decoration ideas you can incorporate within your decor for the festive season! 

Christmas window and door decorations ideas to light up your home you will love

  • Wreaths and garlands: wreaths are a fantastic way to decorate your windows and doors — quick and easy as well as requiring little clean-up. Traditionally, wreaths are hung on the front door. However, they can also be hung in a window with ribbons or twine!

    Starting from the outside of your home, wreaths and garlands can make the exterior of your home ooze the Christmas vibe. You may have seen this done in many movies, but we promise you, it certainly does look amazing! If you don’t want to use real greenery, you can always purchase fake evergreens and re-use them year after year. You can also use ribbon to hang wreaths from curtain rods on the inside of the window!

    How to make your own wreath: artificial things to decorate a wreath

    You can make your own artificial wreath, with a couple of supplies from the art store! This way, you will be able to personalise the wreath and create something unique. Some items you can decorate your wreath with include:

    • Ribbons
    • Small ornaments
    • Lace
    • Small Christmas toys
    • Flowers
    • Red berries
    • Christmas LED lights
  • Window boxes: a simple DIY Christmas decoration idea, window boxes are the perfect way to boost your Christmas look and to fill them up with ornaments, garlands, red berries, tinsel or even a giant Santa or deer! This is very simple to do and even easier to put away — an easy way to transform your home this Christmas.

  • Hand-decorations: decorate your windows and doors with water-based chalk markers. Put your magic touch on your Christmas decor and get your whole family involved in creating something unique. These water-based markers are excellent as they can wipe right off with a paper towel. Snowflakes, Christmas quotes or Reindeers? The choice is yours. Draw whatever you like and make your window and doors extra special this Christmas!

  • Christmas lights: Christmas lights are incredibly versatile, allowing you to choose from a variety of colours, shapes and configurations. You must consider how to secure your lights and where they will be placed. If they are going inside of your window, they can easily be secured with tape. However, if the lights are going to be placed outside of the window, you will need to make sure they are appropriate for outdoor use and are appropriately secured. If you want to get really creative, you can also create pictures on your windows by arranging the lights according to a pattern! When choosing the type of Christmas lights you would like to incorporate for your window and door decoration, don’t fret, you have plenty of options. They can twinkle, they can flash, they can be colourful, white or warm. Christmas lights can be used just about anywhere in the home. Around your Christmas tree, outdoor bushes or even on your windows and doors! Here are some lights that you can incorporate within your Christmas window and door decoration:

    • LED Ropes: they come on a spool – these lights are contained in a plastic tube
    • Icicle Lights: they have short lengths of lights falling from the main length
    • Fairy Lights – smaller lights – some of these are even solar-powered
    • Berry Lights – usually red – they are round and look like berries
    • Butterfly Lights – also come in flowers and different shapes!
  • Candles: if you don’t want to use string lights in your windows, you can also opt for candles. These are more traditional decoration. However, when using candles for window decoration, safety precautions must be followed. You must choose windows that are placed in a safe area that will not unintentionally cause a fire. If you have young children running around and touching decorations, we recommend choosing battery-powered lights. This may be a better option if you are worried about safety but still want the same decorative effect.

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