Bifold, stacker and sliding: What kind of aluminium doors suit you?

19 May 2020

Have you finally settled on aluminium doors but are now tasked with selecting the type? It may be surprising, but there are many different types of aluminium doors in Sydney. Of course, each can be customised according to your design and colour needs, but further, there are different functionalities of the aluminium doors.

At A-Tech Australia, we offer three different types of aluminium doors that can be selected for your residential or commercial property. It all depends on you and your property’s needs. The reason that we stock different types of aluminium doors is that each type has its own advantages. In this article, we’ll outline the benefits of each type of aluminium door and discuss what kind of project it is best suited for.

Bifold aluminium doors

Aluminium bifold doors are similar to French doors in that they are elegant, functional and secure however they have the added advantage of having all the durability and strength of aluminium doors. These doors are perfect if you are seeking to transition the interior of your house to the exterior. It provides flowing access with the option to securely privatise between the outside and inside or different rooms. Unlike other aluminium door options, bi-fold doors offer a seamless view of the outdoors when fully opened. Due to aluminium’s durability and strength, bifold doors are perfect for enclosing patios as they can withstand weather elements perfectly and without much maintenance.

At At-Tech Australia, you also have the option of selecting either floating, folding or hinged styles. We recommend bi-fold aluminium doors for enclosing porches, decks, patios and any other room that needs exterior enclosing. Bifold doors are also great for transforming two rooms into one larger and more functional space with the option to separate or join.

Stacker aluminium doors

Aluminium stacker doors are the ultimate option for anyone interested in sustainable living. Stacker doors operate via panels. You can select how many panels you’d like open depending on the amount of light or airflow you need in your home or business. Stacker aluminium doors also allow natural light regardless of if it is open or not. The entire wall becomes glass when the door is closed, removing any light interruption and allowing for full sunlight into the room. Having this feature negates a lot of the need for artificial lighting which takes up energy and costs money.

At A-Tech Australia, our doors also contain high-quality seals for enhanced weatherproofing performance. This means that whether you’re by the sea or inland, weather elements like salt air, rain, and sunlight will not corrode your aluminium doors, ensuring that you keep your maintenance costs low. We recommend stacker doors for any person or business that values energy and cost efficiency and sustainable living.

Sliding aluminium doors

Aluminium sliding doors are one of our most stylish options. With clean lines and a modern aesthetic, it’s a great option for anyone looking to update their home’s interior or exterior. In addition to aesthetic, our sliding doors are extremely customisable as they allow panels with widths up to 900mm and heights up to 300mm, making the options for design endless. Due to its sleek and glamorous finish, we recommend using sliding doors for joining spaces and facilitating the easy, quick and natural movement of persons in your home or for separating them in order to create a more private space.

Now that the benefits of the different kinds of aluminium doors have been laid out, let’s take a look at important factors you should take into consideration when choosing your aluminium door. Remember, it’s not just about the door but about you as well.

  • Residential or commercial – The type of property you have, whether it is an apartment, office, retail space or home, can affect the design and type of aluminium door you require.

  • Budget – Some finishes and design of aluminium doors are more expensive than others– always keep your budget in mind when selecting an aluminium door. Also, remember that an aluminium door is a long-term investment and is cost-efficient, regardless of which type you choose.

  • Your space – Your choice can also depend on whether your aluminium door is meant for your interior or exterior, a large or small space, kitchen or bedroom. Carefully consider the space and its functionality when choosing your aluminium door.

We hope that our guide on aluminium doors helped you select the one that’s best for your project. Regardless of which type you select, rest easy knowing that our aluminium doors are the best in the industry and of top-notch quality.

If you still have questions or you’re interested in purchasing aluminium windows and need some guidance, then have a chat with our team today, call 1300 775 525. Our employees will be more than happy to offer advice and tips on selecting the product that’s right for you and your home or business.