Awning, Louvre, Sliding, Stacker … Aluminium Windows Spoiling Home Owners for Choice!

06 May 2019

All these window options, but the decision-making process is no breath of fresh air.

Each window option is different and serves various purposes. The most important thing when making your window selection is to ensure that you think of your overall home design and practicality of your lifestyle.

Living in the 21st century means that technology has the ability to offer variety when it comes to making a window selection such as:

  • Different types of glass
  • Different shapes
  • Different materials
  • Different functions
  • Different frames

When considering these factors, it is important to consider where they are going to be placed as this can make a huge difference in the effect it makes within the home. Certain areas within the home can promote more sunlight, increase ventilation or even provide more views.

It is also key to think about practicality and how the windows within the home are going to regulate temperature and noise.

Whether they are aluminium sliding windows or fixed, they are key in setting the right mood within your home. There is a window to suit every home design, location and view. The choices are endless and the type of window you select is ultimately up to you and your living references.


Characteristics of aluminium sliding, stacker or awning window that you need to keep an eye out for:


Right Shape

Not only do you have to choose between the types of windows, but you will also face the decision on what kind of shape you would like:

  • Square windows

    providing a nice exterior street appeal, keeping aesthetics simple and clean.

  • Wide picture windows

    guiding the eye across the whole landscape, opening up the home.

  • Floor to ceiling windows

    → capturing the ultimate natural light and creating a seamlessness between indoors and outdoors.

Right Style

Windows also come in a variety of styles, these include:

  • Double hung:

    these particular windows have two sashes sliding up and down in the frame. They can be opened from both the top and the bottom. The window doesn’t protrude to the exterior or interior of the house and remains inside of the frame.

  • Casement:

    these windows are operated by the turn of a crank and can be hinged either to the left or right, opening outwards.

  • Sliding:

    these windows glide along a track and have a minimum of one window that slides horizontally over and past to the other window. These are a popular choice within many modern style home designs.

  • Awning:

    these windows are hinged at the top and are opened outward letting air enter within the home for the left, right and the bottom. These windows are versatile and can be installed above, below or next to a stationary window.

  • Fixed:

    this style is one that does not open but is customisable to a variety of shapes or angles. They are usually found within modern homes and used in conjunction with a variety of operating windows. They usually have the purpose of additional light and the creation of openness within a home.

From a modern to more traditional designs, taking care in choosing windows that fit in with the style of your home will not only add value but also character within the home.

Right Framing

When it comes to choosing between frames there are three popular options. These include:

  • Timber:

    providing a warm appeal to a home as well as offering better energy efficiency. These windows are usually at a higher price point and require more maintenance.

  • UPVC:

    these windows are a more light-weight option providing a contemporary look and close to zero maintenance.

  • Aluminium:

    these windows are a more hardwearing option and require less maintenance.

The material of the frame needs to be considered when looking at the alternatives. Aluminium composition frames are usually a popular choice as they are durable, flexible, and withstand weather and time like no other material. Aluminium is most definitely the most superior choice when it comes to selecting window, or even door frames!

Smart Technology

Many modern window designs are also fitted with smart technology and are operated via a smartphone. These windows can be opened and closed with the touch of a button. Taking it to the next level, some windows also have rain and wind sensors opening and closing automatically when the weather changes.

Type of Glass

Many modern window varieties also have the advancement of choosing between the type of glass. This includes the choice between double, triple or even quadruple-pane glass.

  • Low Emissivity Glass (Low-E):

    glass with a thin material which acts to reduce the amount of heat that flows through the glass itself (also, reducing your carbon footprint).

  • Impact Resistant Glass:

    glass which endures extreme weather conditions, decreasing the likelihood of the glass shattering.

It is important to choose a window that is of good quality. Although cost can be important, a well-made product is going to provide you with benefits for many years to come. Windows are not a purchase made every day, and making the right choice that will provide energy savings, ease of use and low maintenance will prove to last you a lifetime.

With the increasing issue of climate change and the unpredictability of the weather in Sydney, selecting the right window could also mean a rippling effect of benefits towards:

  • Reducing carbon footprints
  • Maintaining temperatures within the home
  • Minimising your energy bill saving you and your family money .


Did you know: that poorly insulated windows and skylights can cause a loss of up to 40% of your home’s heat during the winter?


When deciding, you should create a checklist for yourself in order to help simplify the process:

  • What kind of style is most beneficial for my home?
  • Where will this window be placed?
  • What is the purpose of this window? Ventilation? Design? Light?
  • What type of frame is going to look best?
  • Low maintenance or high maintenance windows?
  • Is there a particular colour scheme?
  • Is there a particular type of glass which is going to be beneficial?

A-Tech Australia can help simplify the process and assist you throughout your thought and decision process. Delivering the most innovative aluminium window solutions with great variety and high quality, we will exceed your expectations.

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