Are aluminium windows the best option for security?

20 Aug 2020

Security has become one of the top priorities of Australians. While we live in a relatively safe country, being protected from crime is becoming an increasing concern among people. One of the top areas of concern in a home or business is the windows. Windows are one of the entryways to the home or business and are subject to being a point of weakness if not properly secured. This is why it is extremely important that you not only select aluminium as your material of choice, but that you also select a reputable supplier who will provide you with a durable product.

Security does not only refer to being safe from criminal elements. It also includes safety in terms of structural integrity. The structural integrity of your aluminium windows is important because, while not detrimental to your health, it can put you in danger if it begins to deteriorate. Thankfully, aluminium is one of the strongest materials available on the market, making it one of the most secure options that you can select.

Why aluminium windows are the best for security

Aluminium is a naturally strong metal

Naturally strong metal is incredibly important for defending against a possible intruder. Whether using aluminium for your windows or doors, rest assured that you have one of the strongest materials protecting you and your family. It is so strong that it would take considerable force from your intruder to break it down – if they are even able to get that far. It is also cost-effective for being such a strong material, enabling you to invest some of your money into other security measures.

Aluminium will not corrode

One of the security risks of windows and doors is that they can unknowingly corrode and deteriorate without you knowing. This means that you can have possible security weaknesses in your home or business without any knowledge. After doors, windows are one of the most vulnerable areas of a home so it is important that you ensure that you use the most durable and resistant materials possible. Aluminium is extremely resistant against the sun and moisture – two things that Sydney has a lot of. You won’t have to worry about your aluminium windows rusting, swelling, splitting or cracking and creating openings for intruders. It won’t only look pristine, it will be secure.

Aluminium is lightweight but durable

In addition to the weather elements mentioned above, the weight of the materials also plays a part in the deterioration of aluminium windows. When materials are too heavy, hinges and tracks can develop wear and tear after being under the weight of heavy materials like timber and steel. Aluminium, despite being extremely strong and durable, is also lightweight and thus will not overload or cause friction on the hinges or tracks of your aluminium windows.

A-Tech Australia’s aluminium louvre windows can be fitted with security screens

A-Tech’s very own aluminium louvre windows can be fitted with security screens for added protection. Security screens retain the advantage of fly screens (these keep insects out), but are much stronger and more durable. They can keep intruders out with their strong hardware while allowing you to enjoy the night breeze on a hot summer night.

A-Tech Australia can provide you with double-glazed windows

Double-glazed windows are two window panes. Simply put, two window panes are much harder for an intruder to break than just one. An intruder will have to break the first pane and then move on to the second. It’s incredibly hard to successfully break these panes and can be considered a virtually burglar-proof option for homes. This is why it is considered a security defence and why A-Tech Australia offers this option.

How can you make your aluminium windows and home more secure?

Your aluminium windows and home can be made safer with several other additions.

  • High-quality window locks – These provide extra and manual security from intruders. Rest easy knowing that you have a physical block against criminal elements.

  • Security cameras – Keep your eyes on the lookout everywhere! This is helpful especially when you hear something at night and need to safely protect yourself.

  • Security lights – Security lights can almost immediately deter an intruder. Shining the spotlight on them, even if you are unaware will scare them.

  • Dog – Apart from being man’s best friend, dogs are great at alerting you to strange elements or danger.

For more information surrounding the security of A-Tech’s aluminium windows or any of our other products, have a chat with our team today. Call 1300 775 525 for guidance regarding our products and any other questions that you may have. Our employees will be more than happy to offer advice and tips on selecting the product that’s right for you and your home or business.