Are Aluminium Stacker Doors The Right Choice For Your Sydney Patio?

23 Sep 2021

With warm weather right around the corner, many people are looking forward to enjoying their spring and summer on the patio. At A-tech Australia, we have several aluminium door configurations that are perfect for different areas of your home. For your patio, our team highly recommends our aluminium stacker doors. We don’t just believe that it will offer you value throughout its lifetime, but it is also the best investment for your home.

Aluminium stacker doors consist of panels which are much smaller than those traditionally found in our sliding doors. These panels can open singularly, offering the homeowner more control than most other door configurations.

As homeowners seek to upgrade their homes for summer, one of the most popular trends emerging is bringing nature or the outdoors into their homes. This can be executed by our bifold doors, sliding doors and of course, our stacker doors. It’s ultimately up to you, the homeowner, to decide which option is best for your home, however, we recommend stacker doors specifically for patios.

Stacker doors are perfect for spring and summer in Sydney

The spring and summer months in Sydney are when the city is most beautiful. Trees are lush, flowers are in full bloom and most days have clear beautiful skies. At the beginning of these seasons is when homeowners look to install an option that allows them to take full advantage of this weather. The full advantage doesn’t just include being able to view the clear skies, but also being able to enjoy it from the comfort of your home.

In this article, we’ll lay out the reasons why we believe that aluminium stacker doors can provide everything mentioned above and more!

They offer residents control over air ventilation

As your patio is on the exterior of your home, naturally, your aluminium stacker door will be as well. This means that when opened, it will provide the interior of your home with natural ventilation. Though this is certainly beneficial, it is not unique as most doors provide air ventilation.

Stacker doors maintain an edge over other configurations because they offer homeowners control over the amount of ventilation into their homes. As a stacker door is made up of panels, homeowners can choose the number of panels they’d like to open according to the level of ventilation they want in their home (the more panels that are open, the higher the ventilation). This means that they can choose to enjoy a blast of wind on an especially hot day or a gentle breeze on a chilly evening.

Provide comfort and security

Comfort and security are two of the most important things to a homeowner. It can be difficult to find this coveted combination in patio doors as security often hampers the level of comfort that can be afforded.

However, with aluminium stacker doors, their unique design allows both comfort and security. Your home is never overly exposed when your doors are opened as you can benefit from excellent ventilation with just one panel open. Additionally, aluminium is lightweight, allowing us to build the hardware extra-thick, providing you with a more durable and yet still lightweight option. The tracks of our stacker doors are also extremely secure and prevent perpetrators from easily removing them.

They are an energy-efficient option for your home

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important for homeowners across Australia. As we’ve spoken about natural ventilation a lot in relation to aluminium stacker doors, it’s easy to see how it can reduce the use of your air conditioning system and ultimately, your utility bills.

The same can be said for the natural light afforded by our patio. The large panels allow an impressive stream of natural light into your home, reducing the need for artificial lighting and lowering your energy usage.

Provide seamless movement between your indoors and outdoors

Lastly, when entertaining on your patio, seamless movement from the interior of your home to the exterior of your home is always beneficial. Whether you’re walking outside with your hands full of food, interested in keeping an eye out for your kids or planning to entertain both indoors and outdoors, stacker doors can provide you with the solution you need. Choose to have it wide open to connect your interior and exterior and make it into one large entertaining area or to facilitate the movement of a large number of people – the choice is yours.

We hope that these reasons help you to decide whether or not aluminium stacker doors are right for your home. Bear in mind that while we recommend aluminium stacker doors for patios, our team is also available for more personalised suggestions. If you’d like more advice or information on our products, contact our customer service team.