Aluminium windows and doors: Supplied, manufactured and installed

27 May 2019

There are various aluminium windows and doors on the market from many different suppliers, but it is all about knowing which ones will work best in your home with not only their appearance at the core.

There are a few different reasons why some homeowners and investors choose certain style windows and doors for their properties which include:

  • Functional
  • Energy efficient
  • Stylish
  • Adaptable to climates
  • Safety

It’s one thing to find a style that looks good and matches the home interior and another thing to asses how it compliments the space including its other main qualities.

That’s why at A-Tech Australia we take the time to asses each clients case and work with them to choose the right doors and windows for their homes that not only look good but also tick all the other boxes.

Why are bi-fold doors the way to go?

Aluminium windows and doors have always been a reasonable and useful option. aluminium bifold doors are a particularly practical trait. They provide homes with the ability to effortlessly entertain your guests.

If you love hosting dinner parties or having friends and family over for some shrimp on the barbie, then bi-fold doors are the way to go.

They are perfect for instantly creating an open space and an easy flow between the kitchen- living area and the alfresco dining space outdoors.

Functional: The functionality of bi-fold doors is super simple. With the unlocking of one panel and sliding the door to one side of the track, you will instantly open up the entertainment area and bring the outside in.

Energy efficient: Aluminium bi-fold doors are perfect for both privacy as well as saving on energy costs. They are made to sustain all types of weather even the extreme Australian winter and summer seasons.

There is a double glazing option on bi-folds which will help decrease your heating and cooling costs, keeping the warmth inside for the cooler months and the hot air outside for the warmer months throughout the year.

Stylish: Aluminium bi-fold doors in the home are the perfect choice that works well with any type of interior or exterior of the home.

WIth the option to choose various designs of aluminium frames it allows you to create a chic feel to a traditional style home or a modern style that embraces an open plan living, linking the kitchen, living and dining spaces.

A bi-fold door to link the alfresco dining outdoor is the perfect addition to this allowing for more space, air and light to enter the room.

They are also a great option for within the home or restaurant space as they perfectly separate areas within any given space without taking away any valuable space.

Adaptable to climates: Aluminium bi-fold doors are created to sustain all types of weather, especially Australia’s extreme weather throughout the year.

If you prefer the airy, spacious feel and have optimum natural light entering the space then bi-fold doors are the option for you.

At A-Tech Australia we make our bi-fold doors with quality materials to withstand all types of weather. They feature full perimeter seals, sturdy head and are guaranteed to provide the best possible protection.

Safety: Aluminium bi-fold doors are not only weatherproof, energy efficient and stylish options, they also have a high safety rating.

They are made with a sophisticated locking system and a hidden, inline tracking system.

These mechanisms will make it almost impossible for any break-ins, as it will be very difficult to remove the doors off their tracks.

What style aluminium window will suit your space?

There are various types of windows that our experts recommend to all homeowners who are building a brand new house or who have chosen to renovate their current home.

We have a broad range of window designs that are available in different configurations, styles and colours which will best suit each individual space.

Our high-performance aluminium windows will work best with any space, are cost-effective, energy efficient and like our doors, have a high safety rating.

Here are a few windows that will work well in newer and more traditional looking homes:

– Louvre windows
– Sliding windows
– Awning windows

Louvre windows are the perfect option for a home that exhibits a more modern and chic design. They are easy to clean and upkeep and bring a significant amount of light and air into the space provided. They are also a very secure option for the home, as they can be fitted with security screens to ensure extra privacy.

Sliding windows are a great choice if you want to combine the stylish and functionality factors and get more bang for your buck. They are super durable and require very low maintenance to keep them functioning during both the extreme winter and summer months in Australia. Being weather resistant this option is perfect to save on energy costs throughout the year.

Awning windows are the great selection if space is confined and furniture might be blocking the access to windows. They are custom designed to any given space and provide excellent ventilation especially in areas that aren’t as exposed to natural light and air. This style of window has an excellent safety rating as they are made with a fixed chain that limits the opening to a certain degree. In addition, this helps to prevent potential accidents especially in homes with young children.

Our expert team at A-Tech Australia have been providing top quality, cost-effective and friendly services to Sydney siders for over 30 years.

For all your aluminium window and door needs, be sure to speak to our professionals who provide quality products, unrivalled service as well as competitive prices.

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