Aluminium Stacker Doors are the Perfect Option for Sydneysiders

05 Jul 2022

Many people are looking for a way to keep out the cold and stay warm this winter. At A-Tech Australia, our range of products consists of several aluminium door configurations that would make the perfect fit for your home. Designed and manufactured with Australian weather in mind, our aluminium stacker doors are ideal for residential and commercial applications.

Our team recommends our high-performing aluminium stacker doors for homeowners looking to upgrade their homes fit for both summer and winter months. Built with heavy-duty framing and superior for withstanding weather changes, our stacker doors consist of small panels which can open singularly, offering you, the homeowner, more smooth movement controls than most other door configurations.

Benefits of aluminium stacker doors for your home

Weather protection:

Sydney is known for its unpredictable scorching heat and cold, rainy days throughout the year. Our stacker doors are exclusively designed with the Australian climate in mind for maximum comfort for our clients. Their quality construction makes aluminium stacker doors weatherproof and suitable for any conditions. Helping to keep out the rain, wind and cold, the installation of these doors in your home is a perfect way to control and eliminate any unwanted temperatures, especially when wanting to keep your home heated.

A-Tech Australia’s stacking doors are also manufactured with high-quality seals, further enhancing their weatherproofing performance and giving added protection from corrosion.

Safe and secure:

Constructed with substantial framing and produced with high-quality properties and attributes, our aluminium stacker doors are made to provide added comfort and security in your home. With our ability to build thicker hardware because of the lightweight aluminium material, you’re guaranteed more durable and highly secure doors, making it difficult for perpetrators to remove them.

Further to this, our products are securely installed and fitted with unassailable locking devices, maximising safety in your home.


A-Tech Australia’s aluminium doors give you confidence that you can expect an impressive lifetime of durability, performance and functionality. Capable of upholding with easy maintenance and care, your doors can last a significantly longer period than other options on the market.

A few ways you can ensure your windows last a long time include:

  • Not slamming them shut as it can potentially loosen the hardware or break the glass screens.

  • Ensuring an occasional clean of all parts of your door to avoid build-up of dirt, dust, and hardware deterioration.

  • Periodically inspect your windows to ensure there are no faults or damages that may have occurred with overtime utilisation.

Maximise natural light:

Aluminium stacker doors are designed to deliver unobstructed views, making them ideal for indoor entertainment, especially during the colder months. Installing stacker doors in your home, considerably in a living room or heavily trafficked part of your home, allows you to take advantage of the natural daylight without compromising your warmth or space. These doors also give you the added benefit of a nice view.

Why choose A-Tech Australia’s products

  • Proudly Australian: Having manufactured, developed and designed all of our products in Australia, we can ensure that all our products are suited for Australia’s climate to withstand any weather conditions. Our client’s comfort is our priority.

  • Qualified and well-experienced team: With years of combined experience in the aluminium industry, our team is ready and capable of taking on any project, whether residential or commercial. Our team is also well-equipped to provide expert advice and knowledge about our products, helping you find the perfect fit for your home.

  • Warranty: When choosing to install A-Tech Australia’s products, we offer guaranteed 7-year workmanship. Our aluminium frames, glass screens and powder coats also have a comprehensive warranty.

  • High-quality and durable products: Our products are of the utmost quality. We aim to provide you with products that will increase your home’s functionality, durability and aesthetics. With the skill of our manufacturing team, you’re assured to benefit from flawless and top-performing products.

We highly recommend our aluminium stacker doors if you’re looking for a way to upgrade your home, making it fit for these winter conditions. Our team can provide guidance and advice on what products would be most fitting for tomorrow and years to come. Get in touch with us today on 1300 775 525.