Aluminium sliding doors vs French doors: which is better?

16 Dec 2020

With summer around the corner, many people have been renovating their patio doors. With a number of options on the market, offering a range of benefits, it’s no surprise that homeowners across Australia are caught in the dilemma of patio doors. A common battle is aluminium sliding doors versus French doors. Both are excellent options for a patio door, however, aluminium sliding doors offer significantly more benefits than French doors. We know that renovating your patio doors is a significant investment and one that will stick with you for years to come. This is why we’ve created a guide and clear breakdown of the age-old battle.

What is a French door?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term French doors, or hinged patio doors, then you may recognise it as it is one of the most popular doors for patios. They open from the centre and swing open and closed from their hinges. Unlike aluminium doors, they have a more classic (rather than contemporary) aesthetic and suit homes with more traditional furnishings and decor. Along with their classic aesthetic, comes chunky frames which provide sturdiness.

What is an aluminium sliding door?

Although we know that not much explaining needs to be done for aluminium sliding doors, we’ll still explain what an aluminium sliding door is so that you can appreciate the contrast and have a more clear idea of both in your head, for comparison purposes.

A sliding door is made up of a larger glass pane and thinner aluminium frame, allowing impressive views and natural light to easily take centre stage. It slides into itself rather than swinging open, allowing for a more tidy appearance. This is especially important in small apartments. Unlike French doors, aluminium doors have a contemporary/modern aesthetic, although it can be customised through the colour of its frames.

How do aluminium sliding doors and French doors compare?

  • Cost

    Traditional French doors are wooden (i.e. made of timber) and are usually quite costly due to the price of timber. Aluminium however, while an expensive material, is almost 50% cheaper than timber. A-Tech Australia’s products are always competitively priced, making an aluminium sliding door the more cost-effective choice.

  • Energy efficiency

    Sliding doors have a tighter seal than French doors and thus keep cold and hot air out when the seasons require. During summer, when you are blasting the air conditioning or the winter when your heating is on, you are increasing your utility bills because of the extra energy used from these systems. An aluminium door’s tight and secure seal keeps air from escaping which prevents your system from working harder and your utility bills from increasing.

    You can also request that your sliding door be double-glazed to further improve its insulation and keep your energy bill low. With French doors, neither of these is possible because of its structure, making sliding doors the winner here.

  • View

    French doors are characterised by its pattern in between on the glass which gives it its distinctive traditional aesthetic. While this looks beautiful, it’s also impractical if you have a view or appreciate natural light. Sliding doors have large glass panes which offer a fabulous view of your home’s environment, even when closed and provides an unobstructed stream of natural light.

  • Design

    As mentioned previously, both doors have distinct aesthetics. French doors are classic and fit well into older homes or ones with traditional furnishings and decor. Aluminium sliding doors are contemporary and of course, fit very well into a modern home. Aluminium sliding doors, however, can also merge well with traditional homes with a few simple adjustments. Changing the frame’s powder coating colour to a dark brown, black would instantly transform the door and make it more agreeable with traditional decor.

It’s easy to see why aluminium sliding doors are better with regards to design. It can transform from a contemporary option to a traditional one while with French doors, you are limited to only using it in a traditional home.

Our winner? Aluminium sliding doors.

They are a more reliable and versatile option for homeowners who crave security, aesthetic and sustainability. If you’re interested in our aluminium sliding doors, call 1300 775 525 for guidance regarding our products and any other questions that you may have. Our employees will be more than happy to offer advice and tips on selecting the product that’s right for you and your property.