A checklist for selecting the best aluminium window suppliers in Sydney

17 Apr 2020

Aluminium suppliers in Sydney are not few and far between, and with so many different options to choose from, selecting the right supplier for your project can be difficult. What does it take for a supplier/manufacturer to become the best of the best? We believe there are a few things you should look out for. These include service, quality and product.

An aluminium window supplier should first listen to your vision and thereafter use their knowledge to turn your vision into a reality. Aluminium is becoming an extremely popular material due to its affordability, flexibility, durability and contemporary properties. So, if you are looking at utilising aluminium supplies in your next building project, you should ensure that you work with only the most experienced and quality assured aluminium window suppliers in Sydney. The supplier you choose will become a core part of your project, which is why it is essential to select one that is going to contribute towards achieving your vision, making the process as seamless as possible.

Unsure about how to choose the best aluminium window supplier in Sydney for your next project? We have compiled a checklist to find out the type of questions you should be asking each aluminium supplier you are in touch with to better understand their work and reputation.

Service, quality and reputation – aluminium window suppliers in Sydney

The materials you choose for your project impacts greatly on the overall quality and workmanship of the project. If the aluminium window you select is not of a high standard, it could lead to other issues and safety concerns. A low-quality product from an aluminium window supplier in Sydney can result in a  low-quality project. So, how do you know if the supplier you choose is trustworthy? 

Our number one tip is longevity in the marketplace. At A-Tech Australia our team has been providing services to a range of clients for 25 years. We have built positive customer relationships, further enhancing our business reputation. We also have a large portfolio of work, expanding over both residential and commercial sectors. Our client testimonials are one way of highlighting our quality service and reputation we provide to all our clients. At A-Tech Australia our team places importance on the clients’ needs.

When selecting a supplier, it is also vital that the quality and strength of aluminium used is appropriate for the scope of work and use. A reputable supplier will always use a good quality aluminium solution and correct specification of aluminium applications. At A-Tech Australia we only use the best products to ensure our windows offer adequate weather sealing, effortless function, durability while offering an aesthetically pleasing design.

Customisation and experience

When selecting your aluminium window supplier in Sydney, you should also research their work to see if they offer custom/tailor-made solutions. You want your supplier to bring your ideas to life and customise your project into a one-of-a-kind design. The beauty of aluminium is that it can be formed into almost any shape – this allows your aluminium supplier to offer you several design options.

At A-Tech Australia, we not only supply your aluminium windows, but we also manufacture them. This allows you to customise your windows into any design you desire. We provide nothing less than state-of-the-art products, combining style and quality. We provide manufacturing services according to client requirements and preferences.

Project turnaround and deadlines

It is a complete let-down when you have to wait for something well after the promised date. Consistently meeting deadlines is what makes a successful partnership between clients and aluminium suppliers. It is crucial the aluminium window supplier you select adheres to their turnaround times to ensure you are not let down throughout the process. At A-Tech Australia our highly experienced production ensures convenient and consistent lead times, ensuring the process is as efficient as possible. Our team works alongside clients to ensure they are on track, on time and within budget.

Communication is key

There is nothing worse than poor communications with suppliers. You should be able to communicate directly to your supplier whenever you require.

Good communication and strong business relationships are two key components in a company’s body of business. Making sure the supplier you choose overcomes challenges and offers exquisite service will make all the difference to the process of your project. At A-Tech Australia our professional and friendly team makes sure to guide clients through every stage of their project – ensuring they are in the loop and constantly updated.

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