7 Benefits of Including Aluminium Sliding Doors on Your Balcony

17 Jun 2019

Whether building a new house or renovating an older style or smaller space is on the agenda, choosing to include aluminium sliding doors on your balcony is an adequate decision for many reasons.

Shopping around for the perfect doors to incorporate in the design of your home can sometimes be considered a burden for many, given the many different options currently on the market. From aluminium bifold doors to aluminium stacker doors to sliding doors, each one has its varying benefits, which is why it is important to know which style is best suited for your home.

Typically speaking, in a family home, the doors of the living and dining space are intended to let in as much natural light as possible. The purpose of this is because natural light and air are crucial elements for improving one’s physical and mental health.

Aluminium sliding doors are a great choice for both style and functionality being both highly durable and requiring very little maintenance to keep them smoothly functioning for extended periods of time.

This is especially relevant during seasonal changes and Australia’s very unpredictable (and often extreme) weather forecasts throughout the year.

Sliding doors are a great choice of aluminium doors as they are weather resistant which is particularly perfect for saving a bit of money. Month to month savings on energy costs, adds up to be a significant amount when going through expenditure at the end of the year.

What are the benefits of installing balcony sliding doors?

Choosing aluminium sliding doors for your balcony means the opportunity to maximise on overall savings when it comes to both the one-off price of purchase as well as continual maintenance costs.

For a family home with a balcony or alfresco dining area, opting for a sliding door is an ideal option for the following reasons:

Low-cost alternative

External aluminium sliding doors are the most cost-effective option in any family home, in addition to saving on energy costs, they are less expensive doors when compared to the various options on the market.

This is because they are not difficult to install and manoeuvre, which also affects the cost of maintenance, making it a more economical option for optimal savings as well as an increased, longer lifespan.


Adding aluminium sliding doors for your balcony can contribute to the design of any home, including an increased amount of natural light penetrating throughout the living spaces.

This can be beneficial in many ways, including improving both the physical and mental health of individuals within the space.

It is a proven fact, that the more natural light one is exposed to on a daily basis can positively affect mental wellbeing, lowering risks of depression. Day to day exposure to natural light is also a necessity in order to receive natural vitamins such as vitamin D.

Easy to open and close

Unlike many other doors, aluminium sliding doors for your balcony do not require any difficult manoeuvring to function.

To simply open and close an external aluminium sliding door, all that is required is an effortless push down along the panel to any point, allowing as much or as little natural air into the room as you prefer.

Simple to clean

A great benefit of balcony sliding doors is that they require little-to-no maintenance and are super easy to clean!

Putting aside the fact that cleaning glass is most probably one of the more avoided tasks on the household chore list, it is surprisingly not as hard as one might think.

It is basically the same as cleaning a glass window, requiring the same method to ensure they are squeaky clean.


Aluminium sliding doors for your balcony have panel widths of up to 900mm wide and 300mm high. This flexibility allows architects and homeowners to choose from a selection of design options.

Depending on the area, whether it is big and spacious or a tight and limited with space, fear not because sliding doors can be custom made to any particular home, meaning they are flexible in both size and style.

For example, for the kitchen and dining areas that link the outdoor alfresco or just have a balcony, homeowners have the flexibility to include a sliding door. This is perfect for creating a spacious and airy space as well as brightening up the room, with as much natural light as possible.

Adaptable for all spaces

Unlike other styles, balcony sliding doors take up no space within the home other than the wall in which they are located.

Sliding doors create an equal flow of travel between both the indoor areas such as the kitchen, living/dining areas as well as the outdoor alfresco dining/BBQ areas.

This is particularly ideal for homes or rooms that are very small in size, leaving an optimal amount of area to utilise without taking up any indispensable space.

Great for entertaining and comfort

For the family or couple that love to entertain and have family and friends over for lunches and dinners, aluminium sliding doors are a very popular go-to style for the balcony.

Instantly opening the area and linking both indoor and outdoor environments, aluminium sliding doors take up no space, whatsoever and have an easy open and close mechanism. A very useful feature especially with many guests travelling in and out of the two spaces.

Sliding doors are an accessible style of door catering to wheelchairs, prams, and other wheeled and foot traffic.

If you are currently in the process of building, renovating your home or are a developer, considering aluminium sliding doors for any given space is wise, for balconies.

At A-Tech Australia, our aluminium sliding doors are like no other doors. With the intent to achieve maximum space or attain a connection between two separate areas, while sustaining a moderate temperature all year round, sliding doors are a perfect choice for any space.

All of these benefits while also providing the ultimate privacy and security for you and your family at an affordable price. There is no better option.

The masters of aluminium doors and windows at A-Tech Australia have all the reasons and answers why you cannot go wrong with choosing aluminium sliding doors. From supply to manufacturing, to installation, A-Tech Australia has the solution.

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