4 Reasons Why Bifold Doors Are Worth It For Family Homes In Sydney

14 Sep 2021

In Sydney, there are multiple options for doors. Even within A-Tech Australia’s own product range, there are several options all offering different finishes, features and aesthetics. We believe that each door configuration in our range has a specific purpose and is valuable for different homes and lifestyles. For example, our bifold doors, one of our luxurious but practical options, is extremely valuable to family homes in Sydney. Let’s find out why.

Bifold doors are doors that open by folding back into sections or panels. They are securely fitted on their tracks and smoothly glide back into each other to provide a clear entryway. As all of our products are manufactured with high-quality aluminium, our bi-fold doors have a durable frame made out of aluminium. Its hardware is also manufactured by our company and made out of aluminium.

We’ve specifically mentioned that our bifold doors are beneficial for family homes in Sydney. Let’s take a look at the challenges and factors present in the city of Sydney and family homes.


All of our products are designed with the climate of Australia in mind for maximum comfort for our clients. Sydney is home to extremely hot summers (like most of Australia), chilly and rainy winters and all-around beautiful weather for the majority of the year. The city itself is littered with beautiful greenery, even in the most urban suburbs.

Family homes

Family homes, unlike apartments, often have a significant amount of room, particularly in the living room/kitchen leading to the outdoors. They also usually have kids which present a safety risk and have busy homeowners who are interested in a low-maintenance option.

As you can see, a family home in Sydney has a number of factors to juggle. Family homes make up a significant portion of the dwellings in Sydney. Bifold doors are uniquely qualified to be installed in family homes in Sydney. Let’s take a look at why.

They maximise the natural light and view in your property

By nature of its configuration, bifold doors provide a clear and almost uninterrupted view of your outdoors and facilitate streams of natural light into your home. The only disruption of your view is the framing around the panels, however, it’s still incredibly impressive.

We recommend installing your aluminium bifold doors in a living room or other heavily trafficked area in your home. This way, you can take full advantage of your view (you can even easily keep an eye on your kids playing outside), illuminate inside your home and can potentially open your doors and extend your living areas outside – the options are endless.

Bifold doors are low-maintenance

A key feature of any furnishing or product to be installed in a family home is for it to be low-maintenance. In a family home, there are too many items to maintain and generally, too many things to do! With bifold doors, you only have to periodically wipe them down to keep them in tip-top condition. The lack of intricate framing and multiple screens means that your cleaning can be done in just a few minutes. This is also particularly helpful with doors that are heavily used in the home.

They offer a compact option

While most family homes are bigger than other houses, people can make them seem rather small. Depending on where you want your bifold doors installed, enlarging the space can be clever. Bifold doors are a clean and sleek option that brings the outdoors in and trick the mind into thinking that your space is much bigger than it actually is. You can also fully open your bifold doors and combine your living or dining area with outside, thereby, actually making it bigger!

Additionally, the doors fold back into each other extremely neatly, and will not take up any unnecessary space in your room.

Bifold doors are energy-efficient

Our bifold doors are specifically manufactured with energy efficiency in mind. We know how high utility bills can get in a family home. With bifold doors, you can take full advantage of the sunlight even when your doors are closed. This means that you won’t have to worry about turning on your lights and can benefit from a lower utility bill.

As bifold doors open completely, ventilation can be spread throughout your home easily. This reduces the need for air conditioning during the summer months and lowers the amount of energy used in your home.

We hope that these reasons help you to decide whether or not bi-fold doors are right for your home. If you’d like more advice or information on our products, contact our customer service team.