4 Common Questions About Choosing Aluminium Windows and Doors

22 Jan 2021

When you decide to build or renovate your home, it is an exciting time to choose new flooring, paint colours and windows and doors. There are several different types of windows and doors that you can pick, however, aluminium is without a doubt the safest, most cost-effective and durable option. There are many aluminium window and door options available at A-Tech Australia. Each option is suitable for different projects and applications. So how do you choose which is right for you?

Why is it important to choose your aluminium windows and doors carefully?

Many people don’t realise how important your choice of aluminium windows and doors are. Choosing an aluminium window or door is dependent on your lifestyle, the aesthetic of your home, who will be living in it, and the function of the door.

It is important that you take enough time to carefully weigh all of your aluminium window and door options as changing your mind mid-way through can be very difficult. Decisions on windows and doors must be submitted to the council for approval before construction of your home can take place. If you make changes to your decision, then it could impact your BASIX or BAL compliance.

To avoid these issues, we recommended perusing our website, visiting our showroom and speaking with a member of our team.

4 questions to help you choose the right aluminium windows and doors

  1. Where will the door/window be located?
    The location of your door or window is important for determining what options are possible and appropriate for your home. With rooms that have limited space such as a laundry room or half bathroom, a louvre window is the best option as it has excellent ventilation and opens outward, requiring no extra space. For crowded rooms that are very low on space, awning windows are best as they can be installed very high to avoid further obstruction in the home.

    For doors, if you are installing one between rooms, bifold is best because it has the ability to join rooms, however, it requires a lot of space in your room. For rooms with limited space, we recommend that you install sliding doors as they neatly slide into each other and do not require additional room.

  2. Does your home have a nice view?
    If the room that you intend to install a door in faces a beautiful view, then we recommend two-door options and one window option. For the window, the obvious option is to install a sliding window. A sliding window will allow you to benefit most from the view when compared to the other options as it provides the least obstruction and the most width.

    For doors, your choice is dependent on whether you prefer your door opened or closed. If you have your door opened the most, then a bifold door will offer you the best and least obstructed view. However, if you rather enjoy the view with the door closed, then we recommend sliding doors as when closed, they offer a clear view.

  3. Will you be entertaining a lot?
    If you’re an entertainer or your home is constantly filled with friends and family, then a bifold door is your best option. A bifold is beneficial in two ways:

    • it can join/separate rooms, whether interior or exterior, and facilitate either a larger or more private space, depending on your crowd size and the type of gathering that you are having and,
    • they allow for easy traffic flow between rooms as they open wide and without obstruction.
  4. Are you interested in an energy-efficient solution?
    If the goal for your home is sustainability and energy efficiency, then any aluminium window or door option from A-tech Australia will be beneficial. Aluminium bifold doors and sliding doors and windows are excellent for allowing a stream of natural light into one’s home. They along with stacker doors and awning and louvre are also excellent for natural ventilation when they are opened.

For more product specifications or enquiries surrounding our aluminium windows and doors or any of our other products, have a chat with our team today. Call 1300 775 525 for guidance regarding our products and any other questions that you may have. Our employees will be more than happy to offer advice and tips on selecting the product that’s right for you and your business. We’re able to offer an aluminium solution for a wide range of businesses, just let us know what you need.