3 Reasons Why You Should Order Custom Made Aluminium Windows This Autumn

11 May 2021

Aluminium windows are one of the many updates that residential and commercial property owners decide to implement during Sydney’s cooler months. Often, they resort to selecting a pre-set aluminium window configuration and miss out on the opportunity to customise their product according to their business, family and property’s needs. While A-tech Australia’s aluminium windows are suitable for a wide variety of clients without added customisation, nothing can beat a product that’s been developed with your specific needs in mind.

Why is there a need for custom made aluminium windows in Sydney?

Before we discuss why custom made aluminium windows have the potential to completely transform your property, let’s first discuss why they are especially relevant in the city of Sydney.

Custom made aluminium windows can accommodate the range of commercial, residential and industrial buildings that require a durable window product with specific measurements.

Different areas of Sydney (e.g. along the coast, in the city etc.), as well as various areas within a property, may benefit from an array of configurations ( e.g. sliding) and qualities (e.g. double-glazing, U-value).

Sydney is home to property owners with vastly varied budgets. Custom made windows allow property owners to customise according to what they can afford and inject money where they prefer.

There are many more reasons why custom made aluminium windows are relevant for property owners in Sydney. While we cannot list them all, let’s now take a look at how transformative they can be for properties across the city.

3 ways custom made aluminium windows can transform properties in Sydney

  1. Change the face of your property

    If your property is in need of a facelift, then custom made aluminium windows can easily transform its appearance. You can customise the colour of your aluminium windows by selecting its powder coating finish.

    A-tech Australia’s powder coating is a special process that’s similar to painting. It gives property owners the freedom to drastically change the appearance of their windows. To tailor your product, choose a powder coating colour that corresponds with your coveted aesthetic. A white window can offer a clean and elegant appearance while a black powder-coated window offers a robust industrial aesthetic.

  2. Improve your building’s security and privacy

    Over time, wear and tear and outdated furnishings, leave buildings uncomfortable to live, work and reside in. For this reason, transforming its security and privacy functionality is often a need rather than a desire.

    Custom made aluminium windows can improve your buildings security and privacy through specific customisations, including:

    Double-glazing – this provides sound privacy as well as security from criminal elements.

    Addition of privacy screens – this can also provide security for commercial properties located in the city that need privacy as well as safety for valuable contents.

    Tinting – you can tint your glass screen to avoid prying eyes.

  3. Allow your home/business to go green

    Overhauling your business’ energy efficiency is a great way to transform your business. By going green with your energy consumption, your business can benefit from a reduced energy bill.

    Aluminium windows, depending on the configuration you select, offer energy efficiency in a number of ways, including the following:

    Louvre windows, because of the nature of their slats, are excellent for ventilation, particularly, directed ventilation, and can be installed in small rooms.

    Sliding windows, either closed or opened, provides an abundance of natural light as well as ventilation.

    Awning windows, while not excellent for ventilation or natural light, have the benefit of being able to stay open when it’s raining.

Apart from configurations, double-glazing can also make your aluminium windows energy-efficient. Double-glazing your windows helps in both winter and summer in Sydney. During the autumn/winter, it stops heat from escaping from the inside of the property, while during summer, it limits heat from being transferred indoors.

When should I purchase custom made aluminium windows for my property?

If you’re in dire need of new windows, then optimum timing is out of your hands, however, if you have the luxury of determining when to order and install your custom made windows from A-tech Australia, then we highly recommend doing so during Sydney cooler months (April to August).

Autumn and winter are perfect for updating a property’s furnishings because:

  • it allows you, your family, your employees, customers and visitors to capitalise on the warm weather without being bothered or inconvenienced by construction;

  • you are able to thoroughly determine what qualities you want in your custom made aluminium window; and

  • it gives A-tech Australia ample lead time to design, develop and manufacture your custom made aluminium window.

These are just a few ways how custom made aluminium windows can transform your property’s aesthetic, functionality and efficiency. While we highly recommend that you order your custom made aluminium windows in autumn or winter, our team understands that this isn’t always possible. Whenever you decide to invest in A-tech Australia’s aluminium windows, rest assured knowing that you’ll be improving the value and comfort of your property.

For more product specifications or inquiries surrounding our custom made windows or any other products, have a chat with our team today.