14 reasons why aluminium awning windows are perfect for you

30 Jul 2020

Aluminium awning windows are one of the many options available to residential and commercial building owners in Sydney. However, in addition to awning windows, A-Tech Australia offers sliding and louvre windows, which are also popular with Sydney-siders.  Choosing which type of window is right for you is dependent on your project or building’s needs. At A-Tech Australia, we believe whichever type you select, you are sure to be satisfied with its functionality and aesthetic. That being said, awning windows, in particular, have a multitude of benefits that are relatively unknown in comparison to sliding and louvre windows.

Awning windows are uniquely perfect for Sydney because of its ventilation capabilities and versatility. In this article, we’ll be detailing the benefits of awning windows. Use these advantages as a guide in deciding whether they are right for you and your home or business.

Why aluminium awning windows are perfect for you

  1. A-Tech Australia can customise!

    If you’re interested in customisable options, then A-Tech Australia’s aluminium awning windows are for you. We will custom-design each window to fit seamlessly, ensuring that hot or cool air does not escape from your home. Our team will also install the windows to suit the style of any room in your home. Contact our team if you’d like to explore additional customisation options, such as coloured aluminium frames.

  2. Extremely secure

    The fixed chain on an awning window from A-Tech Australia restricts its capability to open, ensuring that the awning window only opens to a certain degree. This feature keeps your home secure by preventing accidents in homes of families with pets, young children and elderly persons. We also have durable locks and additional keyed locks which keep your home secure.

  3. Customisable privacy options

    As awning windows are perfect for bathrooms, it’s only fitting that privacy options are available. At A-Tech Australia, we offer obscure glass options that provide privacy and security so that you can enjoy the ventilation of awning windows without fear of being seen in the bathroom.

  4. Optimal ventilation capabilities

    Our aluminium awning windows have a chain-operated winder which enables you to open your window to whatever degree you prefer and enjoy the breeze from outside. Due to the customisability of aluminium awning windows, they are able to fit into small rooms like bathrooms and laundry rooms that would not normally be able to fit a window. This enables ventilation in previously unachievable areas.

  5. High-quality

    At A-Tech Australia, all of our aluminium windows, including awning windows are made with high-quality and durable materials. They are built and installed with superior aluminium, making it durable and resistant. This is especially important for the cost-effectiveness of aluminium awning windows as its durability translates into it being kept in great condition for decades. This makes the initial investment completely worth it, especially in the cases of commercial buildings.

  6. Versatile location

    Aluminium awning windows at A-Tech Australia can be custom-designed to fit any space. As the windows open forward and don’t slide horizontally, they can be made into smaller models than their sliding and louvre counterparts. This enables them to fit into tiny spaces and provide ventilation which, in addition to air circulation, also aids in the prevention of mildew and bad odours.

  7. Can be grouped together

    Our aluminium awning windows can be grouped together because of its size customisability. This enables improved airflow and customised design grouping. Window sashes can be widened or narrowed and windows can be installed at different heights–the choice is yours!

  8. Able to be placed in high-wind locations

    If a window is placed at a high height in a home or business, it is able to provide better ventilation and light throughout the building. Additionally, it does not disturb the placement of art or furniture and facilitates even more privacy in your home.

  9. Suitable for modern and traditional homes

    At A-Tech Australia, we are able to customise your aluminium awning windows to fit the aesthetic of your commercial or residential building, whether it’s traditional, modern or anything in between!

  10. Ideal for beachside locations

    Beachside homes and businesses are prone to salty and moist air which can easily corrode and deteriorate many materials such as timber. However, aluminium is corrosion and weather resistant, enabling it to stand the test of time while still looking brand new.

  11. Can be opened when raining

    As aluminium awning windows open outwards from the top and ventilation enters through the bottom half, rain is not able to get in. This means that you can enjoy the sound of rain and ventilation without fear of ruining the inside of your home.

  12. Provide better ventilation than sliding windows

    In some cases, aluminium awning windows provide better ventilation than sliding windows. As mentioned previously, aluminium awning windows can be placed high and grouped together, for optimal ventilation, even when it’s raining. Sliding windows, unfortunately, cannot be placed high up, grouped or remain open when it’s raining (unless you want your home flooded!).

  13. Reduce energy bills

    Awning windows close tightly, preventing the escape of heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. When either one escapes, your energy bills increase as it requires more energy to heat or cool your room. With awning windows, you avoid these unnecessary high bills as it is tightly sealed and shut.

  14. Reduced noise

    Similar to temperature insulation, awning windows also provide sound insulation. This is extremely helpful if your home or business is located in a busy area with a lot of foot traffic. It’s also perfect for families with young children or elderly persons who are sensitive to noise, especially when they’re sleeping.

For more information or design inspiration surrounding aluminium awning windows or any of our other products, have a chat with our team today. Call 1300 775 525 for guidance regarding our products and any other questions that you may have. Our employees will be more than happy to offer advice and tips on selecting the product that’s right for you and your home or business.