Stacker Door


At A-Tech Australia, we offer installation of quality stacker doors that come with heavy-duty framing, superior weather sealing and smooth movement controls. Our stacker doors are designed to deliver open views, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. Our aluminium stacker doors also include a secure locking mechanism and varied glazing options. You can choose from single, double and other glazing styles as well as customised stacker doors.

Some benefits of aluminium stacker doors include:

Weather protection
Our stacking doors contain high-quality seals for enhanced weatherproofing performance. Whether you are located inland or by the sea, our aluminium stacker doors will offer complete weather protection and durability from corrosion.

Enhanced safety and security
Our aluminium stacker doors are constructed with heavy-duty framing, superior weather sealing, smooth movement controls and secure locking devices for your safety and security.

Sustainable living
Stacker doors provide you with the option of having all the panels closed or open, enabling you regulate the temperature by partially opening one or more of the sliding panels. Having a stacker door installed also gives you the opportunity to allow a great amount of natural light to pass into your home from outside, whether the doors are open or not, because the entire wall becomes glass, ultimately reducing your electricity bills. They seamlessly contribute to the flow of indoor to outdoor spaces, while also being compatible with fly screens.