Bifold Door


A-Tech Australia’s stylish and practical aluminium bifold doors are a great solution when seeking free flowing access from indoors to your outdoor recreational areas. With the choice of fully floating, folding or hinged styles, our bifold doors are a great option, delivering an abundance of light and fresh air to your living space.

Some benefits of aluminium bifold doors include:

Robust design
incorporates a universal overhead track and carriage system that allows a selection of panel widths up to 900mm wide and 3000mm high giving designers and homeowners an excellent selection of design options.

Weather protection
Our aluminium Bifold doors feature full perimeter seals, sturdy head and sill, and are available in the open-out and open-in configuration. They are guaranteed to provide the best possible protection against the weather all year round. Installing aluminium bifold doors will decrease your heating and cooling costs, keeping the winter warmth inside and the hot air outside.

Expanded living space
With the addition of a bi-fold door, two confined rooms can be transformed into one larger, more functional living space. Having the flexibility to open aluminium bi-fold doors to your preference gives you the flexibility to utilise your expanded living space as you wish.